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Casually formal!

By Posted on 4 2 m read 2.5K views
Casual formal dressing by Ekta, Wallflower - Tommy Hilfiger
Formal with casual twist by Ekta Bhattacharya
Formal with casual twist - Ekta
Casual formal dressing - Ekta Bhattacharya
Ekta Bhattacharya, Wallflower
Casual formal dressing by Ekta Bhattacharya - Wallflower
Tommy Hilfiger watch - Ekta Bhattacharya, Wallflower
Casual formal dressing - Ekta Bhattacharya
Casually formal - Ekta Bhattacharya
Formal with casual twist Ekta Bhattacharya
Okay…so I am back with a post that I shot for in January during my birthday on a formal outfit, and because I did not post it at the right time, after looking at the pictures you might end up feeling that winter isn’t out of me yet. We can only hope, duh!

I have a knack for combining formals and casuals. Like a cool t-shirt with formal pants or a formal skirt and blouse with sport shoes or converse, to get the interesting combinations that give all the cool comfort. I must tell you how convenient this is if you want to utilize your wardrobe efficiently. YES!

Here I am wearing a formal A-Line dress in navy blue by Tommy Hilfiger and what color can better bring class to an outfit. I accessorized it with a peachy white watch, again by Tommy. I could not find both the items online but check out a similar dress here and a similar watch here. Now to add what I call a casually formal twist, I paired the dress with a white shoe by Zara. You might have seen me wearing this shoe in many of my posts. This is undoubtedly my go to pair, and I feel I can justify any outfit with it.

For the hair, though my curls would have worked fine, I decided to blow dry my hair to straight with out-curls and middle-parting. This justified the outfit that had a certain class to it. I loved how it turned out here. People with super straight hair can out-curl to add volume and it looks best with mid back to waist length hair. And honestly, it goes with any outfit.

I minimized the make-up to my favorite Lakme 9-5 Lip and cheek color- Shade Coffee Lite on the lips and lined my eyes with Lakme Eyeconic Kajal, both the upper and lower lash line. Lining the upper lash line creates the depth even without lining the lid. The Flawless palette by Makeup Revolution was used to add some color, and finished it off with some mascara, because no makeup is complete without it right?

You might also notice the two different shades I am wearing here. By chance I had both with me so I decided to try them. They are different. While the black one adds to the depth of the outfit, the reflector is chic and casual. I personally prefer the black one though.

Comment and let me know if you would like to try something like this or already have?  See you all around soon. Till then, keep slaying :*

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  • Kajal
    March 28, 2018

    I have always loved your posts and this is yet another wonderful post. Loved the dress and the complete look.
    Please post more often.
    Loads of love!

    • ektabhattacharya
      May 9, 2018

      Thank you Kajal. So glad you liked it. You are right, I should definitely post more often.

  • Dipshi
    March 29, 2018

    This is amazing Ekta. Even I love mixing causal and formal a little. Giving a little causal touch to a formal dress looks quite classy. In fact I sometimes try quite old traditional jewellery on a western dress or denims specifically. I loved the outfit and plus what I love about your pictures is the no make up make-up. This is a real test for a male artist and you’re super artistic here. The most interesting part of your blogs or pictures is the look published or the fashion advises given are not targeted towards a model like figure. Every body type or color can easily carry them gracefully. Keep going.
    Much love

    • ektabhattacharya
      May 9, 2018

      Thank you for the feedback, it really means so much. I will definitely work towards making it better. And sorry for the late response. I will working towards some glitches here and there. Thank you again. 🙂

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